ByteWorx delivers premier Fintech solutions uniquely customized for your business and success.

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Our mission

Our story has been always about innovation and strong client centric approach.

We have consistently strived for new standards and quality and currently have a global presence.

Our cutting edge solutions are delivered consistently with precision and passion. Our thorough understanding of client’s exact business needs and requirements and providing tailored solutions have always enabled our customers to power ahead safely. Our primary focus remains in re-engineering complex business processes to the web. We offer premium content at the best rates in the industry and provide the necessary support and the freedom for customers to be creative, courageous and successful.

Our mission

Our history

We began our journey when ByteWorx GmbH was founded near Munich in 1997. Since then, we have evolved from a firm with the building, integration and development expertise in banking and financial services, to an end-to-end, cohesive solutions provider.

Our customers are spread across the globe and are heavyweights in their respective sectors. They have been regular patrons of our customized and personalized Fintech solutions like the visualization of financial information, development and operation of financial portals, the illustration of complex business processes, and high-performance applications, just to name a few.

Our extensive experience has helped us in developing services and propositions that guide and support our customers, right from the inception of ideas to production. Our solutions have been proven to create better efficiency and responsiveness while ensuring a high degree of quality.

As a pioneer in the fields of financial information and the Internet, the team of ByteWorx has supported mainly companies from the stock exchange, banking, and financial information industry. In addition, customers are served with challenges in dealing with large amounts of data, high-performance applications as well as the mapping of complex business processes.

Our philosophy

We never stop innovating and raising the bar.

Our commitment always remain steadfast – to help our clients achieve their unique goals. We recognize the trust our clients place in us and we never lose sight of that. We always communicate clearly and openly with clients and believe you deserve prompt, knowledgeable answers to your inquiries and concise straightforward results.

Our values

We are an organization, driven by values. These are not just incorporated into our work environment, but also in our lives beyond work.

Diversity: We are a part of a global family that values diversity. We believe all are created equal and deserve equal respect irrespective of position, financial status, race, or ethnicity.

Ethics: We believe in working ethically and fairly with our clients, employees, and colleagues. People always come first!

Knowledge: We believe that knowledge is the greatest gift to the mankind. For the same reason, we hire and respect those who are highly knowledgeable, innovative, experienced and skilled in their field. We believe knowledgeable resource is not only an asset to us but also our clients.

Going the Extra Mile: We love to go an extra mile, to serve our customers better and reinforce their confidence and trust to partner with us. We never let you down, no matter what.

Uncompromised Quality: We never compromise on the quality of the work and always deliver them on time. Transparency and honesty are always guaranteed.

We create sustainable growth. For All.

Our services

We serve self-developed and thoroughly tested solutions like trading simulations, portfolio solutions, financial charts as well financial portal solutions.  Our expert team also acts as solution partner for consulting, software development and database architecture focused on web based solutions.

Our team of seasoned experts has a very broad range of technical and functional knowledge. Our focus is on financial topics and stock market, complex database structures, and the software engineering of these.

Modern programming languages combined with proven software development knowledge ensure that our customers are served highest possible efficiency, effectiveness and security. We offer our customers short response times as well as “time-to-market” solutions.

Our team

Our people are our greatest asset and biggest differentiator. Every one of our team members is passionate about results. We have an efficient and a close-knit team, where every person plays an important role and everyone complements each other. They are ambitious and impatient for success, and yet down-to-earth and approachable, maintaining the unique vibrancy of the office.

An excerpt from our reference list of customers

  • Dab Bank