Stock Contest

Stock Contest


Our innovative real-time trading simulation and e-learning solutions can be instantly customized according to your website. This massively scalable platform is accessible through desktop as well as mobile and fits perfectly for any budget. We also provide full service.



Stock Contest Features


Streaming portfolio

Trade global stocks, options, futures, bonds or mutual funds streaming real-time, throughout the day.



Choose your logo, colors, layouts, corporate identity, or advertisement. Customize as per your website layout effortlessly.


Scalable platform perfect for ANY budget

A dynamic and amazingly scalable platform. You can choose contents with just 2 users, or even up to 1 Million simultaneous users. Our rates are available for any budget.


Comprehensive service

Powered by a superior team with proven expertise. Accurate, convenient, effective, and responsive support guaranteed.

Discover The Reasons for the Immense Popularity of
The 'Stock Contest'!

Perfectly Tailored for Individuals,
Corporates and Institutes


Multiple corporates have successfully used our product for customer acquisition, customer retention, increasing their employee engagement, brand building, as well as promoting their employee education in order to understand the increasingly varied and complex financial products.

This has been successfully implemented for employee and in-house ratings and also used in assessment center & application phases.

Understand the nuances of the market

Learn to invest confidently.

Compete with thousands of traders

Develop and try out investment strategies

Set trading challenges, test skills.

Keep your finger on the market’s pulse

Extraordinary range of customization


Has a user-friendly interface which can be quickly customized as per your needs

Does immediate integration to your website complying with the same look and feel

You can even customize the initial virtual cash account, set the contest dates, and other rules like the commission rates.

You can decide the range, be it from fun paper trading to real market simulation.

The configurable set of rules also allows special solutions like the depot contest of DAB BNP Paribas, n-tv and Handelsblatt. Depending on the asset management strategy there are more than 80 different trading and diversity rules in the three classes (security, balance, chance) with permitted stock quotes or maximum transaction numbers and much more.

Multi language support

The global stock contest supports a global audience. All of the functions are available in Deutsch, English, Francaise and Italiano.


Mobile App

Our ready native mobile apps are available on both Android and iOS.


Worldwide stock selection

Our stock market games are among the largest simulations in Europe and currently registering up to 50,000 accounts and 1,000,000 trades. Shares can be traded from major global indices, e.g. DAX, TECDAX, EURO STOXX, Dow Jones and Nasdaq 100 and even more.


Quick and easy to setup Online


This revolutionary product can be set up with ease and has been endorsed widely.


Instantly setup standard contests within a few hours.


Effortless administration with web-interface for all of your needs


Responsive design


Personalized support at every step