Our cutting edge simulated portfolio solutions for banks, brokers, and financial portals delivers sophisticated charts as well as personalized evaluations. Its amazingly advanced capabilities are driven by advanced technology, guaranteeing a seamless migration and integration.





Sophisticated technology

A powerful platform that gives unerring, accurate data with a superior and modern front-end. REST-APIs serve Angular based front-end.



Simulate new trades, test them, perform the analysis of your stock or ideas, set notifications, import and export transactions, and do much much more!


data storage

Instantly build a historical portfolio for the past. Never worry about losing data again. Our Portfolio Server does all the necessary work so that you don’t have to!


Seamless integration,
easy to set up

Allows all real stock exchanges to be mapped here.
Effortlessly migrate millions of records into the depot platform database.

This is why we are called ‘Beyond the ordinary’!

Developed by experienced and
skilled Professionals


Our products are the result of more than 20 years of experience in the development of financial products. We know the ins and outs and you can simply sit back and benefit from them!

Our products have been consistently endorsed by premier banking and financial companies.

Effective Data Storage


Never fear about losing any data again! The end of day prices for instruments in portfolios as well as base data are accurately saved and has been proven to be completely reliable.

Drastically reduce the manual time of fine tooth combing through the historic data. Everything is now available at your fingertips.



Multiple Views


Enjoy the various views uniquely provided for particular types of instruments. For example, derivative bid/ask views. From the current inventory on a chronological display of all individual transactions down to the win/loss consideration of transactions, (buying and selling) anything is possible.

Quick and easy to setup Online


This revolutionary product can be set up with ease and has been endorsed widely.

You can consider your positions from the real depot in real time, even without banking login.

Available online anywhere, anytime, via web view or via mobile app

Ability to simulate new trade approaches

Capability to test trade in speculative derivatives

Option to watch interesting securities on a Watch list

Multi-language support

More than 1.000.000 portfolios possible!

Transactional portfolio