Stock Contest

Multi languages

Deutsch, English, Francaise, Italiano

Online setup and administration

Administration with web-interface for all of your needs

Any budget

We can serve you for 2 to more than 60.000 participants


Transactional portfolio

You can build a historical portfolio also for the past

Historical data storage

All end of day prices for instruments in portfolios as well as base data are saved. You not lose any data again

Modern front-end

Our portfolio solution is using REST-APIs to serve Angular based front-end

Financial Portal

Custom solutions

We provide you the solution which is tailored for your needs

20 years of experience

We are serving our solutions for more than 20 years now

Highly scalable

Our financial solutions can handle several thousand simultaneous requests

Stock Charts

No programming needed

Visual configuration with web interface

High performance application

We are serving up to 18 Mio. Charts per day right now

Multiple data vendors

You can choose the data vendor of your favor or just pick our default