ByteWorx GmbH is the new technical partner and provides the trading platform.


On the 10th of November 2014 was that time again - the popular trading contest "TRADING MASTERS" went into the fourth season!

ByteWorx GmbH is the new technical partner and provides the trading platform, which is supplied with real-time market data from Interactive Data Managed Solutions.

ByteWorx GmbH, the company with headquarters in Munich, well-known for stock contests, is the technical centerpiece for TRADING MASTERS. The TRADING MASTERS are organized by UBS, S Broker and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in cooperation with the media agency Excellents communication concepts GmbH. Ever since the first season, the TRADING MASTERS have been one of the most interesting and diverse stock contests in the German-speaking countries. Specific requirements are therefore placed on the initiators and the new technical partner ByteWorx. The stock contest appeals to a wide target group and is especially suitable for newcomers to the market, as the motto "TRADING MASTERS - the academy of success" is very important for knowledge transfer through coaching sessions and webinars. A special assessment procedure - the so-called "Trading Points" - reward disciplined trading and ensure realistic trading decisions among the players.

Carolin Schuberth (Managing Director of excellents): „With the continuous development of the TRADING MASTERS, the requirements for the technology have increased so much that we have simply come to grips with the previously used trading platform. In order to continue to pursue our visions unreservedly, we have decided to exchange the technical core element. Since this year ByteWorx GmbH has been commissioned to map the trading simulation. ByteWorx offers the best and most flexible concept from our point of view. In several workshops and tests, we were able to convince ourselves of the technical possibilities of the platform as well as the expertise and experience of the ByteWorx team. I would also like to emphasize the reliable project management at ByteWorx. It always keeps appointments and ensures a smooth process with permanently assigned personal contacts.


With the high-performance applications and the visualization of financial market information, ByteWorx can look back on more than 17 years of experience. The already implemented stock contests are among the largest in Europe and record up to 60,000 accounts and 1,300,000 orders. In addition to numerous technical subtleties in the system and the database, the trading platform of ByteWorx impresses with its high performance, failure safety and usability. An extremely fast order processing, the integration of complex contest and verification rules, an extensive search for securities, responsive design, HTML5 frontend as well as mobile solutions are just some examples of services that are now standard in ByteWorx.

The end result of the user / player depends not only on the quality of the software. A crucial point is the supply of applications with correct and always available stock market data. For this reason, ByteWorx works from the very beginning very closely with Interactive Data Managed Solutions. Here are the best experiences, because with the solutions of the company leading banks and brokers are working around the globe. Interactive Data cloud-based market data platform integrates structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources and systems. Currently, up to 42 billion data updates and 1.6 billion requests are processed daily.

ByteWorx Managing Director Uwe Franke is delighted to be able to contribute to the success of TRADING MASTERS: „ Clearly, the TRADING MASTERS are a great challenge. Once again, we can provide the flexibility and performance of our solution with evidence. The TRADING MASTERS meet almost all the requirements that can be placed on a stock contest and its database. The contest runs through several phases, all of which are individually and completely evaluated. The special assessment procedures of the Trading Points was specially programmed by us and integrated into the existing solution. It is checked, if at least 20 orders have been executed per contest phase (part of the contest rules) and expenses are simulated. On the exchanges, complex evaluations of the trading points take place in order to create the ranking lists.

In addition to the common securities, the warrants and knock-out products of UBS can also be traded at TRADING MASTERS. Here due and knocked out products are fully booked within two trading days. Using the underlying testing, which is part of the trading platform, it is ensured that the 20 percent limit for individual values (game rules) is not exceeded by indirectly derivatives. The tried and tested order mask and the fraud prevention algorithm, which has been refined over many years, are also used.

About ByteWorx

ByteWorx offers standardized license versions for retail simulations and stock contests. A software is available, which is already in the standard versions of many campaigns, and even with a small budget. For specific requirements, the software can be customized almost at will. More information can be found here. By standardizing the collected financial market experience since 1997, ByteWorx ensures that cost-effective and maintenance-free solutions can be placed in any website and at any location with just a few clicks - regardless of the programming language of the home page and the browser used at the end viewer.

About excellents communication concepts

As an owner-managed full-service agency, excellents is specialized in communications solutions, design, corporate publishing, online media, educational contest and research - all from a single source, effectively and efficiently. Excellents has many years of experience in the financial sector and is focused on implementing sustainable marketing strategies for its customers. Excellents accompanies its customers from the concept to the completion of the campaign.

About Interactive Data Corporation

Interactive Data Corporation is a leading provider of financial information. Numerous financial institutions, active investors, software and service providers use evaluations of fixed-income securities, reference data, real-time market data, trading infrastructure services, fixed income analyzes, desktop solutions and web-based solutions. Interactive Data supports customers around the world in critical business areas, such as portfolio evaluation, regulatory compliance, risk management, electronic trading and wealth management. Interactive Data employs around 2,500 people in offices around the world.